We now know the starting point custom tag and we also know the end product we're wanting to create from the custom tag. We're now ready to design the tag processor method.

I always recommend that you build out the tag processor logic step by step rather than attempt to write it all at once. Therefore I always recommend that the next step, before writing the tag processor method, is to register your new custom tag.

Registering a custom tag requires the use of the ewdMgr application which you should download and install if you haven't already done so.

When you run the ewdMgr application, you'll see a tab named Custom Tags. Click this and then click the Register New.. button. You should see a panel appear on the right hand side. Fill out the form fields as follows:

Click Save and you should see your new custom tag appear in the registered list in the left-hand panel.

Now of course, we've gone one step ahead of ourselves and registered our tag processor method before we've even defined it. Don't worry, that will be our next step, but now that we've registered the new tag, EWD will be able to allow us to test-run the tag processor as we build it out.