Now let's create the tag processor method. We're going to create a class named mgw.demo and a method within it called todaysMessage.

Start up Caché Studio and switch, if necessary, to the namespace in which you compile your EWD applications, eg USER.

We'll need to create the new class. Click File/New from the main Studio menu. Select Caché Class Definition from the new panel and click OK. The New Class Wizard panel should now appear.

In the Package Name field, type mgw

In the Class Name field, type demo

Studio should now create a new, empty class, and at the top you should see the line:

   Class mgw.demo Extends %Persistent [ ClassType = persistent, ProcedureBlock ]

Change this to:

  Class mgw.demo [ Abstract, ProcedureBlock ]

Below this you should see an opening curly brace ({) followed by a closing curly brace (}). Between these, enter the following:

   ClassMethod todaysMessage(nodeOID As %String, ByRef attrValues, docOID As %String, technology As %String)

Note that all EWD Custom Tag processor methods must have this signature.

Click Studio's Compile button (or CTRL & F7). If you entered everything correctly so far, Studio will compile the class and you should see something like the following in Studio's bottom window:

Compilation started on 11/12/2007 13:24:18
Compiling class mgw.demo ..................
Compiling routine mgw.demo.1
Compilation finished successfully.

We've now created an empty version of the tag processor. It doesn't do anything yet of course! In the next step we'll start to build it out.