["ewdConfig"] = 2 ;"ewdConfig","ewdAppRootPathTab",true) ;"ewdConfig","ewdAppPathTab",false) ;"ewdConfig","ewdOutputRootPathTab",false) ;"ewdConfig","ewdWebLinkMenuTab",false) ;"ewdConfig","ewdURLMapTab",false) ;

Configuring EWD

If you installed EWD using the M/DB Installer for Ubuntu, then you can skip this section: EWD will be fully configured and ready for use.

EWD can be configured using command-line APIs. These are described below. Alternatively you can use the ewdMgr application which is documented separately under its own tab.
Note: The FOSS version of EWD for GT.M will auto-configure itself when you first try to compile a page or application. The notes below therefore apply to the Caché version of EWD.

Application Root Path Application Path Output Root Path Mapping to a URL WebLink