An example of an EWD page that includes EWD Custom tags is shown below. EWD's built-in custom tags have a prefix of ewd:. You can also create your own, in which case you'll probably choose your own tag prefix.

The example also demonstrates the use of EWD local variables, whose scope is limited to the rendering of the current page or fragment. Local variables are denoted by a leading $

  <ewd:config isFirstPage="false" prePageScript="##class(ewd.test).getMyData">
    <title>EWD Page using Custom Tags</title>
     <h3>This example is iterating through a Session Array</h3>

     <ewd:forEach sessionName="mySessionArray" index="$lineNo">
         Line No: <?= $lineNo ?>
       <ewd:forEach sessionName="mySessionArray" param1="$lineNo" index="$id" return="$data">
           ID: <?= $id ?> ; value: <?= $data ?>