Installing EWD on a Caché system

If you're going to use EWD with PHP or Java Server Pages, you must first install our MGWSI Gateway. Click the MGWSI tab at the top of this page for full details.

Inside the EWD zip file that you downloaded you'll find a file named zewd.xml. This contains the very latest EWD object code build.

To install:

1) Copy zewd.xml to your Caché MGR directory (eg c:\cachesys\mgr)

2) If you're running Caché version 5.1 or later, you'll need to change the permissions of the CACHESYS namespace to READ/WRITE.

3) Start up a Cache Terminal session and change to the %SYS namespace:

   USER> zn "%SYS"

then do either:

   %SYS> d $system.OBJ.Load("zewd.xml")

or, if you're updating an existing copy of EWD:

   %SYS> d import^%zewdAPI()

(ignore any error you may see at the end of the installation - this is due to ^%zewdAPI being overwritten)

4) If you're updating an existing copy of EWD, recompile your EWD applications and you're ready to run.

5) To check the version build number:

   USER> w $$version^%zewdAPI()