EWD and M/DB Installer for Ubuntu Linux

The Free Open Source version of EWD is included in our new M/DB installer for Ubuntu Linux. This replaces the EWD Virtual Appliance that was previously available.

The M/DB Installer for Ubuntu (and other Debian Linux distros) was created by Mike Clayton: a truly awesome job Mike! With the installer you'll have a fully working system built in minutes. All our major Free Open Source products, Apache and the GT.M database are included, ie:

Use the installer on any Ubuntu Linux server or desktop system. You can even use it with the Ubuntu 9.10 Amazon EC2 AMI (eg ami-bb709dd2) and persistent EBS storage.

Watch the video: Installing M/DB: Part 1. By the end of the steps shown in this short video, you'll have a fully operational EWD system, up, running and ready for use.