If you are running the ewdMgr application on a publicly accessible server it is strongly recommended that you secure access to it because it allows a user to completely alter and/or reconfigure your EWD environment.

If you click the security tab in the ewdMgr application you can add usernames and associated passwords, and/or you can limit access to the application to specified IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses. If you add one or more usernames, the first page of ewdMgr changes to a login page, and the subsequent ewdMgr pages are only accessible if the user enters a valid username and password.

If you need to reset the security settings, start a Caché terminal session in any namespace. Then type:

  d resetSecurity^%zewdMgr("all")

When you run the ewdMgr application for the first time you may find that it refuses to let you access it. This is because its default security is to only allow access from a browser running on your web server. If you need to access it from another IP address, you can manually grant access. In a Caché terminal session you can type:

  s ipAddress="" ; change this to your browser's IP address
  d addValidIPAddress^%zewdMgr(ipAddress)

Once granted access, you can then use the ewdMgr application to modify and/or fine-tune your security settings.