EWD now allows you to create web applications for standard LAMP servers. This version is in a late stage of development, although we've used it already for the transactional sections of the M/Gateway web site (which runs on a LAMP server). The EWD/LAMP version uses PHP as the run-time web environment and MySQL as both the Session persistence database and your application database.

If you're running your web site on a leased Linux/Unix server, you'll almost certainly be able to use the EWD/LAMP version without installing any extra software! (You will however need either a Caché or GT.M system to compile your application(s): why not download the EWD Virtual Appliance and you'll have everything you need!)

In fact the PHP/MySQL option isn't really a new version, but a currently undocumented extra set of compilation options. With the inclusion of the LAMP option, EWD now allows you to make use of any combination of the following technologies:

...with more technologies to follow!

If you're interested in beta testing the PHP/MySQL option for EWD, contact Rob Tweed at rtweed@mgateway.com