Enterprise Web Developer (EWD) is our advanced web application delvelopment technology and Ajax framework.

EWD's unique approach makes it one of the world's most productive platforms for web application development, allowing you to build sophisticated, modern Ajax database-driven applications as simply and as quickly as building static web pages.

If you're a web designer, frustrated at why database-linked web applications are always considered so much more complex than ordinary web sites and require programmers to take control, then you'll love EWD! EWD turns the Web/Ajax development paradigm on its head, making the process simple and intuitive for the designer whilst making programming a small, supporting part of the process, leaving the designer fully in control.

EWD's sophisticated custom tags provide you with the ability to extend EWD's functionality. You control the way EWD works for you, not the other way round.

New! EWD brings you the realtime web!

Break free of the many limitations imposed by the HTTP protocol and throw away all your previous concepts on how to design your web applications! EWD's integration of HTML5's Websockets brings a whole new world of possibilities.

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EWD Mobile: Rapid Mobile Web Application Development!

EWD Mobile is a rapid application framework for mobile web applications. It is an extension of EWD that integrates the Sencha Touch Javascript framework, exposing it as a set of XML Custom Tags.

EWD Mobile allows extremely rapid development of applications that look and behave like Native Applications, running on a variety of mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets and the Blackberry Playbook. EWD Mobile applications will also run on desktop WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

The Sencha Touch framework looks after the UI and cross-device compatibility, whilst EWD massively simplifies the use of Sencha Touch and automatically looks after the critically important session management, state management and security issues. Essentially EWD transforms Sencha Touch development from a complex Javascript programming task into a straightforward, expressive tag-based development framework.

Key Documentation for EWD Mobile

Also see the recent postings on EWD Mobile in the EWD Google Group.

EWD Mobile is included in the very latest build (860 or later) of EWD. Click the Enterprise Web Developer tab, then the Download EWD tab to get a copy. EWD Mobile is completely free to download and use (see section on licensing below for full details). The GT.M version is distributed as a free Open Source project


EWD is available as both a Free Open Source product and a commercially licensed (but free) product. The Free Open Source version of EWD is available for use with the Free Open Source GT.M NoSQL database technology. The commercially licensed version is for use with the Caché database technology.

Although EWD is provided free of charge, donations to support its ongoing development are always gratefully appreciated. Note: all donations are treated as part of M/Gateway Development Ltd's income.

Online Community Group

We've set up a Google Group to provide an online community forum for EWD users, for news, self-help support, tips, examples etc. Feel free to join by clicking here.

Who uses EWD and Why?

EWD is in production use across a variety of sectors for commercial, transactional Ajax applications, ranging in size from small, in-house applications to enterprise-scale, mission critical applications. Read below how it has been used for one of the USA's largest healthcare applications:

Mission-critical Ajax: Making Test Ordering Easier and Faster at Quest Diagnostics
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: ajax quest)

Another good example of EWD in action is Goodfellow.com, where it is used for online ordering. Click the "R&D Products" tab on their web site and you're seeing EWD in action!