Compiled EWD applications are invoked within a browser via a URL. The URL that starts an EWD application critically depends on how you configured EWD for the target technology you've selected. Click the Enterprise Web Developer/Configuring EWD/Mapping to a URL tab for more details. If you're compiling to WebLink, click the Enterprise Web Developer/Configuring EWD/WebLink/Mapping to a URL tab for more details.

EWD applications can only be started via pages that are designated as first pages. This is specified in the ewd:config tag, eg:

  <ewd:config isFirstPage="true">

First pages can be accessed via a "static" URL that can be bookmarked. All other pages in an EWD application are secured and can only be accessed by the inclusion of automatically generated security/session tokens.

When an EWD application is started, it is allocated a new, unique Session Id and an EWD Session is created for any persistent data.