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If you're compiling to Caché Server Pages (CSP), you must register and configure the CSP application(s) that EWD creates using the CSP tools that are built into Caché. The simplest approach is to define a CSP application that maps to your EWD Output Root Path. All your EWD applications will then automatically be able to be run using this CSP application configuration which saves time, but of course this means that they will all have to use the same namespace etc. If you want different EWD/CSP applications to run in different namespaces and/or use other CSP configuration settings, you'll need to register and configure them separately with the Caché CSP configuration tools.

After registering your EWD application(s) in CSP, you can start an EWD application using a URL of the form:

For example, the URL:

would execute the compiled page named login.jsp for your finance EWD application.

If you're happy to use the quick and simple EWD/CSP configuration option, you can configure your EWD Output Root Path as follows:

Caché 5.0 Caché 5.1 and later