EWD can integrate seamlessly with WebLink Developer (WLD). This allows you to extend and replace WLD functionality with the more advanced functionality and modern Ajax-style interfaces that EWD can provide, whilst leaving other existing WLD functionality unchanged. EWD therefore provides a low-risk evolutionary migration strategy for WLD applications.

Note: In order to integrate with EWD, the WLD application must be configured to use the Fast Symbol Table Save & Restore mode. This is set via the ^%WLDPARAM configuration parameter:


  where WLDAppName = the WLD Application name, eg:


To extend a WLD application, you use a special WLD "bridge" page that transfers the user to an EWD application, starting a new EWD Session. The WLD Symbol table is automatically copied to the EWD Session, forming an EWD session object named wld. For example, your WLD Session ID will be copied to the EWD Session as wld.sessid.

Whilst the user is working within the EWD session, any modification of the EWD Session will be immediately and automatically mirrored to the linked WLD session. EWD therefore synchronises its Session with the WLD Symbol Table.

To return to the WLD application, you make use of a special EWD API method that creates a correctly tokenised WLD URL for the original WLD session.

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