eXtc is a complete implementation of W3C's XML Document Object Model (DOM) specification with a key difference: eXtc's DOMs are implemented directly into database storage and are persistent. With eXtc you can create, modify, manipulate and transform XML documents, all under the control of our implementation of the XML DOM API methods and functions. You can parse and store XML documents of any size.

eXtc is a pure W3C XML DOM-based Native XML Database. Its unique, advanced capabilities are achieved by exploiting a previously little-known database technology: the M database technology. This high-performance multi-dimensional database happens to be tailor-made for the requirements of XML, unlike mainstream relational databases. eXtc can make use of two different implementations of the M database: the commercial Caché (available for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS/X) or the free Open Source GT.M (available for Linux).