iWD for Python Developers

Read the tutorial on developing with iWD using Python.

iWD for Caché Developers

Read the tutorial on developing with iWD using the Caché database technology..

iWD Custom Tag Guide

For full details on the iWD Custom Tags that you use for creating iPhone Apps, read the iWD Custom Tag Guide..

YouTube Demo Videos

The following YouTube Videos demonstrate simple use of iWD with the Caché database technology:

Setting the World Record in iPhone App Development times:

Direct Comparison of Objective-C and iWD:

Example iWD Applications

If you use the iWD/EWD & M/DB Installer to create an M/DB Appliance, you'll find that at the end of the installation process you'll have a number of pre-built, working iWD applications that you can run and examine: all the source code is provided. Just point your iPhone or iPod Touch at the URLs listed below to try them out:

Application Name Description URL * Source iWD Pages Scripts
Demo Demonstration App showing most of iWD's widgets (GT.M native scripting) http://[domainName]/ewd/iWDExample/index.ewd /usr/ewdapps/iWDExample /usr/local/gtm/ewd/iWDDemo.m
M/DB Explorer Python-based App for maintaining M/DB databases http://[domainName]/ewd/imdb/index.ewd /usr/ewdapps/imdb /usr/local/gtm/ewd/iMDB.py
iWD Manager App for monitoring iWD/EWD system and environment (GT.M native scripting) http://[domainName]/ewd/iWDMgr/index.ewd /usr/ewdapps/iWDMgr /usr/local/gtm/ewd/_zewdiWDMgr.m

* Substitute [domainName] with the domain name or IP address allocated to your M/DB appliance, eg ec2-174-123-45-15.compute-1.amazonaws.com

iWD User Forum

For news about iWD, discussions, online community support etc, you're invited to use the iWD/EWD Google Group.

Feedback and New Feature Requests

iWD is in active development. It already provides most of the functionality you need for the majority of basic iPhone Apps, but we're adding new features all the time. In order to ensure that we're prioritising the requirements in the best way, we'd welcome any feedback. What new features would you suggest we add? Some things that are in the pipeline already include (in no particular order):

Post requests and comments to the iWD/EWD Google Group Forum.