iWD: The Revolutionary Framework for Rapid iPhone Application Development

What is iWD?

iWD is a set of extensions to our EWD Ajax Development framework. iWD makes it possible to rapidly develop iPhone Web Apps that look almost indistinguishable from Native iPhone Apps.

The difference is that whereas native iPhone Apps take months of complex Mac-based Objective-C development and weeks of waiting and uncertainty for approval by Apple to gain entry to their App Store, you can build sophisticated, fully-functional iWD Apps literally in a matter of minutes or hours using just a simple text editor and the database of your choice!

iWD applications will run on the iPhone 3G and 3GS, in addition to the iPod Touch and, of course, the iPad.

Being based on our tried and tested EWD technology, iWD inherits all its high-performance and high-security features and its lightweight but highly functional Ajax-based server fragments architecture. Particular attention has been paid to squeezing the best possible performance from the iPhone's Safari browser by using some of the very latest HTML5 techniques. The result is that the performance of your iWD web applications will be almost indistinguishable from Native iPhone Apps.

iWD is, quite simply, the fastest and easiest framework available for developing iPhone Apps. Check out this video as proof!

Making iPhone Web Apps Easy

Under the covers, iWD makes use of a number of Javascript frameworks that have been designed to provide aspects of a Native App experience within Mobile Safari, including:

The problem is that no one of these frameworks provides everything you need, each one is either tricky or tedious to use (or both), requires a lot of Javascript coding, and making them interoperate correctly requires a lot of detailed knowledge of Javascript. Downstream maintenance of all that Javascript can be a growing nightmare too!

iWD dispenses with the need to learn or handle these frameworks: it completely automates and abstracts their use. You just define an application using iWD's simple and intuitive XML-based Custom Tags, and let iWD generate all the necessary Javascript automatically for you.

Need to modify an iWD application? Just tweak the Custom Tags, recompile and away you go! Once again, iWD will look after all the necessary changes to the underlying Javascript. With iWD, the inevitable downstream maintenance of iPhone applications becomes quick and almost trivially simple.

With iWD, anyone can develop an iPhone Web App that behaves almost identically to a Native App, literally in minutes.

iWD Online Community Group

We've set up a Google Group to provide an online community forum for iWD and EWD users, for news, self-help support, tips, examples etc. Feel free to join by clicking here.


Special thanks to PixelPress Icons for their kind permission to distribute their excellent iPhone Toolbar icons with iWD. These can be found in the /iwd/images path within the EWD Distribution kits and Appliance.

Also sincere thanks to Mike Clayton for his ongoing and invaluable assistance with the EWD & M/DB installer.


iWD is a set of extensions to our EWD product. EWD is available as a Free Open Source product and a commercially licensed (but free) product. The Free Open Source version of EWD is available for use with the Free Open Source GT.M database technology. The commercially licensed version allows compilation to the full range of supported web run-time platforms, and is the version that must be used for EWD running on the Caché database technology.

Although iWD is provided free of charge, donations to support its ongoing development are always gratefully appreciated. Note: all donations are treated as part of M/Gateway Development Ltd's income.