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iWD is included within the latest build of EWD which is available in three formats:

If you're new to iWD or EWD and want to use your own database with iWD, we recommend that you use the iWD Installer. It will allow you to be up and running with iWD in just a few minutes. It will also include our M/DB database (an Open Source clone of SimpleDB) available if you want a fast and simple database to support your iPhone Apps, but any database that is accessible from Python can be used.

The iWD Installer not only creates a platform for developing iPhone Apps. It can also be used for deployment of your iPhone Apps, particularly if you make use of the Ubuntu server AMIs on Amazon EC2.

After using the installer to create an EWD & M/DB Appliance, read the iWD tutorials that you'll find under the Resources tab above, and also check out the example iWD applications that are also listed there.

iWD & EWD Installer iWD & EWD for Caché iWD & EWD for GT.M