There are three ways to get hold of M/DB:

It is recommended that the new Node.js-based version of M/DB (node-mdb) is now used by anyone interested in M/DB. However, the original version of M/DB that was implemented GT.M's native M language is still available.

M/DB Installer for Ubuntu Linux

The M/DB Installer for Ubuntu (and other Debian Linux distros) was created by Mike Clayton. With the installer you'll have a fully working system built in minutes. All our major Free Open Source products, Apache and the GT.M database are included, ie:

For full instructions, click on the M/DB Installer tab above.

You can upgrade the M/DB installation to the new Node.js-based node-mdb version by following the instructions at the node-mdb Github repository.

node-mdb Virtual Appliance

You can download a pre-built, ready-to-run VMWare Virtual Machine. By using VMWare Player, Workstation or Fusion, you'll be able to run the node-mdb Appliance on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X platforms.

For full instructions, click on the node-mdb Appliance tab above.

Manually installing M/DB

Follow the instructions at the node-mdb Github repository.

Custom Platforms

We provide consultancy services to help you build your own customised, bespoke systems based on M/DB. Although GT.M is expected to be the main deployment platform for M/DB, it can also be run on Caché systems. Contact Rob Tweed at for further details.