M/DB Release Notes

Build 35 (13 May 2010)

Build 35 is a maintenance release that includes fixes to a number of bugs that were discovered in the Select Action, in addition to some performance improvements.

Build 31 (04 July 2009)

Build 31 is a major enhancement, introducing the new JSON/XML Hybrid database functionality in M/DB:X and adds JSON output as an option for M/DB. EWD has been updated to build 770, providing the core JSON/XML parsing and cross-conversion functions, and M/DB has been updated to build 31 to support JSON input and output for both itself and its related M/DB* family of products. Additionally, the performance and scalability of the Virtual Appliance's web service functionality has been enhanced by using the latest 2.0.49 build of the m_apache gateway, configured to use xinetd

Build 30 (18 June 2009)

Build 30 now provides full support to the new extension databases: M/DB:X and M/DB:M and includes a new internal flag to turn off the standard M/DB response XML wrapper.

Build 28 (08 June 2009)

The namespace returned in M/DB's responses now correctly reflects the API version specified in the request.

Build 28 includes a major new enhancement that allows M/DB's behaviour to be extended and customised. This feature will be exploited in coming weeks to deliver new cloud database capabilities based on the core GT.M Mumps database technology.

Build 27 (31 May 2009)

Update to bring M/DB in line with the 2009-04-15 release of SimpleDB:

Build 26 (21 May 2009)

Build 23 (19 April 2009)