Action: OutputDOM

Purpose: Outputs the entire selected DOM as a stream of XML

Action-specific name/value pairs:

Parameter Name Description
DocumentName or DocumentOID The Name or OID of the document that is to be output.

Example Request

&MDBAccessKeyId=[your access key id]
&Signature=[computed signature]

Example Response

   <foo id="theid" location="Drumcondra">
      <bar name="Cat and Cage">
         pub 1
      <bar name="Fagan's" owner="John" tied="true">
         pub 2
      <offlicense name="oddbins" />
      <bar name="Gravedigger's">
         pub 3
      <bar name="Ivy House">
         pub 4
   <foo location="Town">
      <bar name="Peter's Pub">
         pub 5
      <bar name="Grogan's">
         pub 6
      <bar name="Hogans's">
         club 1
      <bar name="Brogan's" owner="James" tied="false">
         pub 8
      <bar closed="yes">
         pub 9
      <offlicense name="unwins" />
         <bar name="Robin Hood">
            pub 10
            <beer name="guinness" />
            <beer name="tetleys" />
            As yet un-named pub
         <ccc />

Note that the unmodified contents of the specified XML document will be output. M/DB:X will not add any other tags or wrappers to the output. This allows M/DB:X to be used as a true XML Document Store.