Action: OutputElement

Purpose: Outputs a specified Element as a tag, including any attributes and text. If the Element has child nodes they are not displayed: use OutputFromElementNode for this purpose instead.

Note: This Action was introduced in Build 3.

Action-specific name/value pairs:

Parameter Name Description
ElementOID The Element to be displayed as a tag

Example Request

&MDBAccessKeyId=[your access key id]
&Signature=[computed signature]

Example Response


<bar name="Cat and Cage">
   pub 1

Note that only the tag will be output. M/DB:X will not add any other tags or wrappers to the output.

JSON (ie if OutputFormat=JSON specified in the Request)

{bar:{name:"Cat and Cage",#text:"pub 1"}}

M/DB:X uses the following rules for converting XML to JSON: