New Users of M/DB:X

M/DB:X Build 4, with full JSON/XML Hybrid functionality, is included with the M/DB Appliance.

To install M/DB and M/DBX click here or or watch the video: Installing M/DB: Part 1.

Once you have the M/DB Appliance running and you have Initialised M/DB, follow the M/DB:X documentation on this web site to get started with M/DB:X.

Upgrade to M/DB:X Build 6:

If you've installed M/DBX using the M/DB Installer for Ubuntu, ignore this section.

Build 6 includes a maintenance update, fixing a number of problems that were identified during the documentation process, and also extends the XPath capabilities of M/DB:X to allow querying across multiple documents. It is recommended that all users of M/DB:X upgrade to this version.

If you're a user of an earlier (pre-build 3) of M/DB:X, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest Build 6 in order to benefit from the new JSON/XML hybrid features. The upgrade to M/DB:X Build 6 requires you to update:

To upgrade M/DB:X:

You'll find instructions for downloading and installing the latest versions of M/DB and EWD under the relevant tabs at the top of this web page