What is M/DB:X?

M/DB:X is a simple, lightweight, yet powerful hybrid JSON/Native XML Database, designed for use in the Cloud. It is accessed via a secure HTTP interface and can act as a local or cloud-based service.

M/DB:X stores XML documents as persistent XML DOMs and you can analyse, modify, transform and search the DOMs that you store in M/DB:X using a comprehensive suite of APIs that are based on and extend the standard XML DOM APIs.

M/DB:X includes an XPath query API that allows you to perform sophisticated searches within your XML Documents.

Additionally, M/DB:X Build 4 introduces an exciting and unique capability: it can accept JSON as its input and will transform this to a corresponding XML document which is then stored as an M/DB:X persistent DOM. M/DB:X can therefore act as a JSON database, but, once stored, your JSON objects can be manipulated, analysed and modified using the XML DOM APIs, and they can be searched using XPath. Any XML DOM that is stored in M/DB:X can also be outputted in JSON format. M/DB:X is therefore a hybrid JSON/XML database.

M/DB:X deliberately keeps the handling of XML documents simple, so it does not require the use of XML Schemas or DTDs and it avoids the complexities related to namespaces. DOMs that you create in M/DB:X will be correctly-formed XML. Tags can be prefixed and namespace attributes can be added to your DOMs, but M/DB:X will treat them simply as standard tags and attributes. It is your responsibility to ensure that any namespace-related and schema-related validation is adhered to.

What are typical uses for M/DB:X?

M/DB:X will allow you to rethink the way you handle and store JSON objects and XML documents. Example applications include:

Ease of use, simplicity and speed are M/DB:X's main objectives.

How is M/DB:X accessed?

M/DB:X is accessed via a secure HTTP interface. The HTTP request structure and security layer is based on the mechanism used in Amazon SimpleDB. The idea is that adapting the many existing SimpleDB interfaces for use with M/DB:X should therefore be relatively straightforward.

M/DB:X returns its responses as XML or JSON.

By making M/DB:X entirely accessible as a set of HTTP-based services, it can be accessed from the language of your choice. There's almost zero administration involved, thanks to the underlying database technology. Just fire up M/DB:X within the M/DB Virtual Appliance and you're ready to go!

Is M/DB:X recognised in the industry as a Native XML Database?

Yes. Ronald Bourret, the leading guru on XML databases has listed it in his definitive list of Native XML Database products.

What database technology has been used for M/DB:X?

M/DB:X is an extension of M/DB and is built on the free Open Source GT.M schemaless, hierarchical database engine. GT.M is a tried and tested technology with a widely recognised reputation for performance, scalability and reliability in the highly demanding banking sector. See also this presentation which summarises why GT.M's Mumps engine made it the perfect technology for implementing M/DB:X.

How much does M/DB cost?

M/DB is a Free Open Source product, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.

Donations to support our ongoing development of M/DB are always appreciated. Note: all donations are treated as part of M/Gateway Development Ltd's income.

Is there an official M/DB:X forum or discussion group?

Yes. We've set up a Google Group to provide an online community forum for M/DB and M/DB:X users, for news, self-help support, tips, examples etc. Feel free to join by clicking here.