Command: AUTH

Purpose: Requests authentication on a password-protected M/Wire server. If password-protection has been set, an M/Wire client cannot access any commands apart from HALT, EXIT or QUIT until it has been authenticated.

If a valid password is entered, the client will be assigned the role that has been defined for that password. Possible roles are user and admin.

See the SETPASSWORD command for details on how to set up password protection and defining roles.


Argument No Description
1 The password with which the client wants to authenticate.


Single-line response

Successful authentication returns +OK


Successful authentication:

Client: AUTH secret
Server: +OK

Unuccessful authentication:

Client: AUTH xxxx
Server: -Invalid password

Attempted authentication on unsecured server, or attempted re-use of the AUTH command once successfully authenticated:

Client: AUTH xxxx
Server: -Authentication ignored