Command: DEL
Command: KILL

Purpose: Permanently deletes a persistent array record on the GT.M or Caché system. Note that any lower-level subscripted nodes (ie the sub-tree of nodes below that specified) will also be deleted.


Argument No Description
1 The array node to be deleted. This takes the format:
You may specify no subscripts at all, in which case the entire array and any sub-tree of nodes is deleted,eg:
Deleting a node at the first level of subscripting would look like:
Deleting a node at the second level of subscripting would look like:

Note that subscripts can be numeric or text. Text subscripts must be wrapped in double quote (") characters. Quoting of numeric subscripts is optional.


Single-line response

This command will always return +OK, even if the specified node did not exist.


Client: KILL test1["a","b"]
Server: +OK
Client: DEL test1
Server: +OK

For those familiar with the native language of GT.M and Caché systems, these two examples above are the equivalent of:

kill ^test1("a","b")
kill ^test1