If you used the M/DB Installer

If you used the M/DB Installer, then M/Wire will have been installed automatically. Once the M/DB Appliance has booted up, just make a TCP connection to port 6330 and away you go!

To install M/Wire on an existing GT.M System:

If you have an existing GT.M system and downloaded the M/Wire kit from Github, you will find 3 files that are for use with GT.M:

These files have been pre-defined to assume that your instance of GT.M is installed as per an M/DB system. You may need to edit mwire and zmwire appropriately before installing them if your installation uses different paths for GT.M.

Perform the following steps:

You should now be able to connect M/Wire clients to port 6330 and access the GT.M database via the M/Wire protocol.

To change the port, alter the line in /etc/services and modify the file mwire appropriately, then restart the xinetd service.

Note: M/Wire maintains a global named ^zmwire for configuration, authentication etc. This global is not accessible via M/Wire's commands.