Although you can use our products for free, many customers need the assurance of immediate access to professional technical support. We're renowned for the top-class, world-wide support that we give to customers : ask any user of InterSystems' WebLink products.

Support for M/Gateway's products are tiered as follows:

Category No of Products
No of Incidents
per year
Means of support Response Time Cost (UK pounds) Notes
Free n/a n/a n/a n/a Free Use our free Online Community Group for questions, bug reports etc., and to read detailed blogs about features and advice on tricks and techniques.
Single Product Basic 1 8 Email only 4 business days 1500 per annum One product only (EWD or MGWSI) may be specified, and support will only be provided throughout the year for that product.
Multi-Product Basic 2 15 Email only 2 business days 3000 per annum Support will be provided for EWD and MGWSI. The eXtc product cannot be included in this support package.
eXtc Basic 1 8 Email only 5 business days 2000 per annum Support for the eXtc XML product only (ie not EWD)
Custom Negotiable Negotiable As required Negotiable Negortiable Product support where the required SLAs fall outside those of the standard arrangements can be negotiated as required.
Ad Hoc Consulting All products Negotiable As appropriate As required 100 per hour
(excluding expenses)
Contact us by email in the first instance for requests for consulting services.

Alternatively, in return for support that we may have provided you for simple problems on an ad hoc basis, why not consider making a donation? (Note: all donations are treated as part of M/Gateway Development Ltd's income)

All prices exclude VAT

Support for the Amazon S3 Client and APIs is included with support for the EWD product

An incident is deemed to be any initial support query. Closure of an incident will be determined by and at the sole discretion of M/Gateway Developments Ltd, after which a further support request for a related issue will be deemed to represent a new incident. You will be notified by email of closure of an incident. When you reach the incident limit for your support package, you may re-purchase the same or another package. Your annual allowance of incidents starts from the date of payment.

Rectification of technical problems will be on a "best endeavours" basis and cannot be guaranteed.

On-site support visits are outside the scope of all support arrangements, but may be included at the sole discretion of M/Gateway Developments. Otherwise, on-site support will be charged at our standard consulting rate of 100 UK pounds per hour (excluding VAT and expenses)

Support questions must be limited to issues related to installing, configuring or running our products. Questions outside this scope, for example relating to how to make best use of our products in the context of your applications, are classified as issues requiring our consulting services.

For further details, contact Rob Tweed at